Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 - Year In Gaming

So it's been a literal year since I've posted on this blog, which was mostly unintentional and there were definitely things I wanted to write about but I just got caught up with other things. Things like watching all of Lost, dealing with health issues, or most likely just gaming and achievement hunting. According to my Xbox 2015 report I gained 24,895 gamerscore over 1,277 achievements! I definitely played much more than 2014 though, probably because I dropped the MMORPG that I was engrossed with for most of the previous year. This was the year of being a filthy casual, I tried my hand at much more game wise and I was constantly checking my phone tending to my (and I'm completely aware that these are ridiculous grind fests most of the time) mobile games. This year I'll mostly write about all the games I played (good or bad) and I'll do a bit of a Top 5.

**As always I write this all as a gaming enthusiast and not some official writer or gaming pundit.