Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2016 - Year In Gaming

Hey there, me again. I'm still playing video games and still MMORPG clean and sort of MOBA clean. Well, maybe just a little MOBA muddy instead. It's been over an entire year since I stopped playing Final Fantasy XIV though I can still remember a guildmate (amicably) threatening my life if I didn't return (sorry!). Sometimes I still think about playing it, maybe a little more casually, especially since some footage of the expansion class Red Mage was recently featured. I'm still off of the League of Legends boat though it was pretty fun watching Worlds this year. 

I think most notably for me and gaming was how I got much more into the Giant Bomb community. Last years 2015 Game of the Year podcasts really hooked me in and I started following all their content much more. Even grabbed a subscription membership on sale so I could support writers and content creators I like. Wound up joining the Discord community and being a decent enough human to be considered a moderator there, which in turn is my way of trying to make an even better community. I've made a ton of gaming buddies and people I probably talk to too often now. At the very least its a great way to see perspectives from a well versed community about gaming.

2016 was sort of a mixed bag year, but for gaming 2016 was brilliant. It seemed like a year that had something for every sort of gamer. Every genre had a great game this year and its box checked off. Some genres even maybe way too overloaded (cough, shooters), but it's hard to complain when I look back.